Our Tailored Services

  • International artificial reef project management
  • Design, fabrication & installation of of purpose-built artificial reef
  • Eco-friendly breakwater reef design for the protection of harbour, marina and beach
  • A portfolio of internationally patented reef designs to suit a range of different marine environments, target species and purposes
  • Assistance with site assessment, developing suitable reef designs and constructing an effective deployment map
  • Stabilisation and restoration of reefs due to dredging and anchoring
  • Local fabrication of compensatory reefs for developmental impacts and restrictions on recreational or commercial fishing grounds
  • Social investment: design corporate social responsibility (CSR) program with marine focus

Five Stages of
Successful Marine Farm Project

  1. Site Location

  2. Customised Reef Design & Layout

  3. Fabrication Of Eco-sustainable Reef Modules

  4. Deployment of Purpose Built Ar Units

  5. Extensive Monitoring Program

"Haejoo Group specialises in eco-sustainable marine farm design and implementation using the purpose-built artificial reef technology backed by in-depth research and development over decades."

Applications of Purpose-built Artificial Reefs

Restoration, conservation and enhancement of ocean reef ecosystem
Increase in fisheries production
Beneficial effects on ocean acidification
Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative
Eco-friendly port, marina and jetty design
Community engagement
Marine carbon sequestration
Shoreline protection
Increase tourism revenue
Promotion of recreational, commercial fishing
Snorkelling and diving attractions
Coral restoration program
Submerged breakwater reef for beach protection
Develop habitat reef for target species in the ocean
Provide ideal habitat on restocking program
Maximum production with minimal ongoing maintenance